Devyn Galindo

Devyn Galindo is fearlessly nomadic, honest and observant, with an eye toward the gently radical. Having grown up between California and Texas, they currently bouncebetween Los Angeles and New York, keeping time to explore surrounding cities and the South.

Devyn documents the lives of their friends emerging from the Chicanx scene in Los Angeles. Exploring their identity as a queer non-binary xicanx artist during the current political climate has become an obsession that has led to their first publication, We Are Still Here, which launched in November 2016. Featured in i-D and Remezcla

You won’t find Devyn anywhere without their infamous boombox, starting impromptu dance parties wherever they go. Which is why Devyn recently teamed up with Milk Studios to create their first film The Way She Moves, debuting March 2017.

Client List: Tommy HilfigerUrban OutfittersConverseSupergaFilaTwin and Fucking Young

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