Mitch Jenkins

Photographer and director Mitch Jenkins is a visual storyteller who specialises in filmic, narrative-driven work. His experience on huge productions – handling talent and directing large crews – is combined with an artistic voice that is given free rein in his eccentric personal projects.   

Born in Kent and bred in Suffolk, Mitch left school early to work for the local newspaper as a darkroom printer. Within months he had become a junior photographer and his career took off from there. 

The commissions rolled in, from directing pop promos to becoming the lead celebrity photographer for the Times Magazine, shooting the likes of David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and Patrick Stewart. Commercial clients such as Sony and adidas are drawn to his work too, and his evocative sense of drama works especially well on campaigns for high-profile TV shows. His recent shoot for the History Channel’s Vikings series brought his artistic and technical skills together to tremendous effect. 

Mitch has a longstanding relationship with Alan Moore, the revered comic book writer with whom he has collaborated on the intriguing film project The Show. The first part of the story, Show Pieces, has been told through five atmospheric shorts. The ongoing partnership is built on the pair’s complementary skillsets, shared artistic vision and mutual love of Northampton.  

Some of Mitch's clients include BBC, AMC, A&E Network, Sky, Comic Relief, Fox, Spotify, The Sunday Times, AXA, O2, Adidas and Umbro. 

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